Lost Library of Forgotten Tales

Weirdwood Manor Vol 2. is finally here!

The greatest stories ever played

The Lost Library of Forgotten Tales is a collection of award-winning apps we call Living Novels.

These apps aim to foster a love of reading and spark creativity.

What is a Living Novel?

It’s part book,
part game,
part animated film.

What are the benefits?

Inspire a love
of reading

Learn problem solving skills

Spark creativity and imagination

Living Novels are stealthy education.
Kids don’t know they’re learning.

Learn why parents and teachers love it!

Current Living Novels

iPad with Weirdwood characters on the screen

Weirdwood Manor

Vol. 1: The Incredible Tales

The six-book series tells the tale of three children with peculiar gifts who win a trip to Weirdwood manor where they must work together to conquer their fears and harness their special abilities to overcome dark mysteries

iPad with Weirdwood characters on the screen

Weirdwood Manor

Vol. 2: Rise of the Therimancer

Join our heroes in this sequel adventure – complete with more heroes and villains, cities and people, frights and monsters, magic and mayhem. Where the realm of imagination spills over into reality.

The library is growing

The ever-expanding Lost Library has something for everyone. Especially you!
Check back soon for updates.

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Shadowrail Circus poster
Against the Odds poster

Kids and Parents
Love it!

“It’s fun for all kids but can encourage reluctant readers to get excited about reading.”

— Mashable

“Need more!!! A beautiful change of pace from the other things my kids play on their iPad. The hidden items are a favourite, with their blend of imaginative creatures so spectacularly sketched.”

— M. Cousins, iOS App Store Review

“Thank you so much for creating a concept that challenges our kids in an entertaining way. My 8yo son with Asperger’s loves the puzzles! This has been life changing for us.”

— Kelli Domke, Cincinnati

“I don’t give 5 stars often. But this app deserves it. Beautiful, well written, amazing! Amazing art. I loved the book (I’m in my 30s) and now my daughter is playing them. She’s 8 and adores it too.”

— Rauvi, iOS App Store Review

“A book with an extraordinary intensity, wrapped up with some exquisite graphics making it truly immersive and impressive. The admirable attention to detail with the production is ably matched with the intriguing story line, which will capture the imagination of young readers.”

— Teacher Review, educationalappstore.com