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Living Novels great for reluctant readers

November 18, 2021

Heralded as an incredible app that captivates kids while pleasing parents and educators, The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor is also recognized as a helpful tool to get reluctant readers immersed in narrative.

Combining elements of magic and fantasy with interactivity, the Living Novel is ideal for young children between 8 and 12 years old who are entering the “reluctant reader” phase — that age when kids start to shift towards video games and away from books.

Living Novels like Weirdwood Manor “will help a reluctant reader discover the joys of reading to deepen their understanding of the narrative by interaction,” say the experts at educationalappstore.com in their glowing five-star review of the app. “Interactive books are a growing trend for capturing the reluctant reader; this book will certainly add value to this market.”

Inspired by classic tales like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter, Weirdwood Manor is a beautifully illustrated picture book, a stunningly animated movie, and a challenging series of games and puzzles that brings “play to storytelling.” The goal of the app was to recapture the magic we felt when we were young, on those nights we’d stay up late reading books by flashlight under the covers.

The story follows three children who each have special talents — talents they can’t quite control yet. Oliver is an orphan who loves to draw, Celia is a confident and gifted writer, and Eugene is a sci-fi nerd who loves making gadgets.

The children win a trip to Weirdwood Manor to meet their reclusive hero — the eccentric writer and inventor, Arthur Weirdwood. Naturally, there’s also a robot butler, a ghost boy who haunts the Manor, and a librarian with more than a couple secrets of her own to hide.

Young boy playing on an iPad

Full of mystery and adventure, our story aims to inspire children to celebrate their uniqueness, recognize their talents, and embrace their imagination. And while kids feel like they’re playing a game, parents and teachers love the fact their kids are reading a 30,000-word book cover to cover!

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