What is it?

Part book, part game, part animated film,
and 100% inspiring and educational!

An interactive book kids love!

Books feature rich, immersive narrative with read-along text boxes and glowing words synced to the narration.

A game that
drives the story!

Each Living Novel is packed with puzzlesthat put kids’ power of logic to the test.

A ton of delightful hidden objects!

Hidden object games drive engagement and young readers enjoy discovering how things work inside the storyworld.

Captivating artwork, narration, and music!

Each novel features original music and gripping narration that breathes life into the characters and captivates young readers.

Stealthily educational!

It’s an incredible tool to engage reluctant readers — kids who might not otherwise pick up a book. Kids often feel like they’re playing a game when they’re actually reading a 30,000-word book!

Inclusive fun!

Because everyone has different preferences for learning, the interactive experiences support a variety of learning styles.

Kids and parents love it!