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because it’s designed to fit in the curriculum

Lost Library in the classroom

Get your students engaged in reading with our hard-to-put-down Living Novels! Our titles are intended for kids 6 to 14 and we’ve got teaching materials to easily integrate into your lesson plans!

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Play with a purpose

Play is a strategy for learning at any age. It gives kids space to use their imaginations, improvise, inquire, think outside the box, and learn in meaningful ways. Our products are designed to fit in and leverage curricular content and goals. See our Teacher Resources for more information.

Skills development

Designed for students aged 6 to 14, our interactive novels exercise kids’ core competencies in Cognitive Development, Critical Thinking, and Literacy Skills. The platform helps develop creative, capable, and innovative minds.

Supportive of different learning styles

Because everyone has different preferences for learning, the interactive experiences support a variety of learning styles, including visual, auditory, and tactile.

Inclusive fun,
stealth education

The platform offers a unique and educational interactive storytelling experience for students who often feel like they’re playing a game when they’re actually reading a 30,000-word book! But don’t tell them that!

Encourages reading

The Living Novel has been praised as an incredible tool to engage reluctant readers — kids who might not otherwise pick up a book.

“It’s fun for all kids but can encourage reluctant readers
to get excited about reading.”

— Mashable


5 black stars

“For the teacher and parent alike this offers an excellent opportunity for extending a child’s reading and will help a reluctant reader discover the joys of reading.

— Educational App Store

5 black stars

“It’s fun for all kids but can encourage reluctant readers to get excited about reading.”

— Mashable

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5 black stars

“Weirdwood Manor is an intriguing story filled with magnificent animation and illustrations that entreat kids to explore further… Kids won’t want to put this book app down.”

— Jinny Gudmundsen, techwithkids.com

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Teacher resources

Book guides

Lesson plans

Vocab lists

Below is a list of free teacher resources for each Living Novel title bundled into downloadable PDFs. These include lesson plans, booktalks, discussion guides, and other classroom resources to build and reinforce students’ reading, vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.