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The educational benefits of a Living Novel

August 17, 2021 | Mashable

Recently, Mashable and Common Sense Media recognized Weirdwood Manor’s unique interactive story experience as beneficial for neurodiverse kids, especially those considered reluctant readers.

In an interview with Christine Elgersma, a former teacher and senior editor of social media and learning resources for Common Sense Media, the author explains that neurodiverse kids can benefit from certain apps that are tailored to their needs.

“It’s fun for all kids but can encourage reluctant readers to get excited about reading.”

Neurodiversity is a broad range of brain differences (autism spectrum, ADHD, or other neurological variations) that, for some kids, can mean they need extra support for executive functioning, social skills, or communication. Mashable included Weirdwood Manor in its list of expert-recommended apps for kids who are neurodiverse.

Group of children playing on iPads

“Weirdwood Manor is a highly rated interactive storybook app for iOS. It’s fun for all kids but can encourage reluctant readers to get excited about reading, Elgersma said. It’s currently free for a limited time, but each chapter usually costs $2.99, according to Common Sense Media.”

“Weirdwood Manor breaks Elgersma rule of being wary about in-app purchases. You usually must buy new chapters. But, in the case of Weirdwood Manor, it’s worth it.”

“It gets kids reading as they interact with this creepy atmospheric story, she said. It’s kind of cool.”

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